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                                         After  50, what next ?          

 Hard to believe; we graduated over 50 years ago. It’s only a number; 

but wow!!!       WE are looking into having a function to go along

with the Grand Reunion that Sarasota High puts on every five years. It is a good time to get together, classmates from other years attend. Our Class attended the last Grand Reunion and it was a great time. Exact time will be posted soon. Please contact Regina Sweeting Swilley  at 941-504-0947 or email –  or

If you know of someone from another class that would like to come, please feel free to invite them to register; they are welcome!!!!  For information and registration they can email us at                                              

Sarasota's new Principle has a dynamic personality, he is just what the school needs. We are lucky to have him as an ambassador for all the classes; before and after us.

These classmates have generously donated additional money to help keep the expenses down for each of us:

Pat Pacey, Regina Sweeting Swilley, Gail Hudspeth Loeffler,

Jackie Pease Olander, Donald Wolman, Carla Stange, Larry Ryan,

 Cindy Strong Schneider, Cindy Garner Balistreri, Sharon Davis Roell, Tracy Masters, Sue Root Morgan, Bruce McCarthy, Patrick Miller, Delores Coe, Bob Stevens, Bruce McCarthy, Jack Notestein, and

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                               MISSING CLASSMATES

     On the NO CONTACT INFO Page is our missing classmate’s list.  If you know how to reach any classmate on this list either by email or address please send us their information.

                                DECEASED CLASSMATES

     On the IN REMEMBRANCE Page is a list of our classmates that are no longer with us. Please let us know if you are aware of someone that has passed and is not on the list or someone that we were misinformed about and shouldn’t be on the list.

                     SHARE YOUR PHOTOS PLEASE

     Larry Kelleher  generously  put a presentation together that was running during the reunion of old pictures and memorabilia. 

  If you have any photos or memorabilia, please scan or mail (Don’t send your original’s.) to us for future events, all will be cherished.

If possible, please  DON’T send in PDF form.  Larry can’t improve the clarity of a PDF file.  (If PDF is your only option send it!)


                                50TH  REUNION BOOK

     Last, we plan to put an on line book together for everyone, so type or write about 1/3 of a page and send it to us via email or US Postal Service.  This is something we will be working on beginning now and will continue until the next reunion.  It will be emailed to everyone on our email list.


Dear Friends,
I so hope everyone will be able to attend the next Reunion.  It was so wonderful to see everyone again, I hated to see it come to an end.   Keep checking our web site for future updates:

Warm Regards, 

Regina                                                                                                                 6-12-17

Please take a few minutes and return this to us, we want to know where you are. 



EMAIL ADDRESS:________________________________________________________________ Class of 1967 or 19 __  __


                                       50TH Reunion Book (on line)

Remember  to include 1/3 page telling us what you have been doing the last 50 years for our class book.  Email any photos you would like included in the book or shown at the reunion.   Email: