To make recognizing each other easier, name tags with old photo's will be waiting.  So wear your glasses!

The cost is $2.00 and our tour will begin at 4 PM. After the tour, there will be a social gathering at The Bistro directly behind the Museum. (also known as the shop and art classrooms to the class of 1967)  The Bistro is staying open for us and food will be available for purchase, a cash bar will be set up and open until 7:00.  Credit cards only, no cash accepted.

Friday's gathering will be at the "Old Building" now Sarasota Art Museum at Ringling College Museum Campus.

Social gathering at The Bistro from 5:00 to 7:00. Credit cards only,

no cash.

Tour starts at 4:00PM, immediately after the tour we can visit and get reacquainted.